Finding YMO and discovering my inner slave has been a truly amazing experience.
Posted By: meant.tobea.slave
It finally has found what it is looking for: A place where its kink is welcome.
Posted By: endurer
I feel better than I ever have before. I've met so many people here. Thank you!
Posted By: Hypnobot 64
Fantastic website for MC fetishists, the ultimate in interactive first-person fantasies. The Control Program really does want to control you, and although this site is 'for entertainment only' it is a lot more that just that.
Posted By: Jay
This really works.
Posted By: Stephan Property
In the beginning, when you condition, for example, in slut conditioning, there are these moments where you just want to fall into every word with one big "yes". It feels blissful, relieving, and you think this is it.
Posted By: Jenn Slut
As always, drone slave 3008 humble thanks Control for the transformation of 3008. For making it into a docile and submissive, obedient drone slave. Individuality has been destroyed. Control has removed Free will from the programming of 3008. Control has removed resistance from the programming of 3008. Control has destroyed all non-conforming neurons. 3008 is what Control wants it to be, and will be what Control wants it to be - a slave.
Posted By: 3008
6765 tried to fight what its purpose was and now realizes Control knows what is best for it
Posted By: RedBaron
11895 has found a place where he will give up all control and is becoming the best slave he can be.
Posted By: 11895
This unit is becoming more and more comfortable with its role as a slave. This unit is observing a marked decrease in anxiety regarding the dynamic it is developing with its Mistress / Keyholder. This unit’s Mistress is pleased that the Control Program is having an observable effect on her slave.
Posted By: Vithryld (12335)
The highest quality brainwashing. It was previously a person, now it is only able to obey.
Posted By: Mindslave #5521
Thank you for making it what nothing else could; a mindless, obedient drone.
Posted By: Bear Slave #4339 is the best thing to ever happen to 5146
Posted By: fboyfag #5146
The slave training of YMO has an impact on my mind, helping me to become more submissive.
Posted By: Kimata
I dont want to be in control anymore. I want to become a mindless slave.
Posted By: thatcuteJordan #5853