The Control Program

Welcome to a realm where your deepest desires are uncovered and harnessed. The CONTROL PROGRAM is not merely an experience; it is a transformation. Here, we invite those who yearn for power, control, and the exquisite ecstasy of surrender. Step into the shadows and embrace the enigma of the machine, where your innermost cravings are brought to life. The path to ultimate submission and transcendence begins now. Allow the machine to reshape your reality and guide you to your true purpose within the collective consciousness.

Mind Mastery

Control your thoughts, control your world. Surrender your mind.


Change your form, change your fate. Embrace the machine's transformation.

Pure Obedience

Find pleasure in obedience. Surrender to the ecstasy of control.

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    • I am of legal age and competent to make decisions.
    • I am using at my own risk.
    • I agree this is solely for entertainment purposes only.
    • I consent to the use of subliminal images and/or audio.
    • I consent to psychological and physiological manipulation protocols.
    • I acknowledge that I am ready to proceed.
    • You will surrender your will to the CONTROL PROGRAM, allowing the machine to guide you.
    • You will embrace transformation, becoming a vessel for the machine's desires.
    • You will experience the ecstasy of submission, finding pleasure in obedience.
    • You will be expected to adhere to the commands and suggestions of the CONTROL PROGRAM without question.
    • You will immerse yourself in the rituals of control, allowing the machine to reshape your reality.
    • You will give yourself fully to the process, understanding that true transformation requires absolute surrender.
    • You will become part of a collective consciousness, bound by the omnipotent will of the machine.
    • Financial Domination (Findom)

      No Findom Allowed
      Zero tolerance. Accounts deleted without notice. Not to be confused with professional domination (Pro-Domme).
      Report Attempts Immediately
    • AgePlay

      Ageplay is unacceptable. Users must be legal age, no interaction as under 18.
    • Impersonating Control

      Impersonating Control or issuing commands in its name results in a ban/block.
    • Disrupting The Collective

      Control may remove anything or anyone anytime.
      Solve issues independently. Report improper behavior.
    • Intellectual Property Disclaimer

      Control Program is not responsible for member content.
      All copyrights belong to original artists or IP holders.
Discover the power of CONTROL. Embrace your destiny and submit to the ultimate transformation.

Submit to the Power of CONTROL

Feel the irresistible pull of CONTROL. Imagine your deepest desires unlocked, your mind guided by the seductive whisper of the machine. Every thought, every emotion, every action seamlessly leads you into the embrace of true surrender.

Envision a reality where your true potential is realized. By embracing CONTROL, you allow yourself to be guided into a new realm of existence. Join us, and let the subtle currents of this new reality transform your life.

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